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Vintage Style Furniture-Phoenix Furnishing

Dealer 1553 - Phoenix Furnishing , Dealers Annette Jimenez and Robert Rivera specialize in refurbishing vintage style furniture. They like to repaint the pieces in bright, bolder colors. "We like the original hardware and don't change it out," Annette says. "Younger people are not into the original wood, so we cater to them with bright colors and things that are different." Annette and Robert started their business out of a need to find affordable furniture. A side hobby turned into a business. They spent time learning about furniture and practicing their craft.

Annette and Robert have become "the furniture people" of their neighborhood and now they've expanded to King Richard's.

You'll find a long vintage dresser in blue and silver. There's an end table in black and gold. Both of these were recently painted and refurbished.

A jewelry cabinet is painted in black and blue. A high boy with scrollwork on top and curved legs is painted with black and red and is a real attention piece.

Right now they are working on a secretary desk with the legs painted in red and the claws on the feet painted in gold. The secretary is black on the exterior and painted red in the interior. "It stands out. It's a surprise for everybody."

They are working on tall dressers, with one being finished in black, white and silver. A buffet is in matte black but there are details in glossy black, with the interiors of the drawers in light gray.

Annette and Robert are careful about the pieces they choose for refinishing. They look for solid wood with curves, vintage hardware and designs.

There are also traditional wood pieces that are stained to preserve the original wood look. They fix and repair classic pieces of furniture.

When it comes to pricing they say their prices are on the lower end. "We want to fix them and keep them affordable. We want to offer quality."

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