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Diamond In The Rough

Diamond In The Rough is in space 1523 and it features random vintage Western style collectibles. There are belts, jewelry, clothing, leather items including chaps, cowboy boots and hats and there are items for kids. There are belt buckles and leather-tooled wallets and bags. Many of these items were made in the 1960s.

There is a large assortment of beer collectibles including signs, old cans, mugs and clothing and belt buckles. There are similar items for tobacco collectibles and motorcycle collectibles. So think about Diamond In The Rough when it comes time for Father's Day Shopping.

There are vintage tee-shirts with slogans and photos. There are jackets and flannels. Men's clothing includes western styles and leather and denim jackets. For women there are furs, and plaids and a lot of 1970s style clothing.

Melissa who is the dealer has been a collector of these vintage items for more than twenty years and many of these items came from her personal collection.

You'll also find vintage cigarette lighters and bottle openers. There is a collection of Playboy memorabilia including early magazines.

"I like vintage quality items in leather and brass," she says. "The patina is wonderful. While used and worn in they look great." There are old Levi jeans and leather boots. These are fashion items as well as collectibles. You will find silver and turquoise jewelry.

For a man cave you'll find old saloon style collectibles.

Her pricing policy is in the middle range for these types of collectibles and she undercuts eBay prices at her King Richard's location.

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