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"Itzcountless" Dealer at King Richards!

Dealer 1564 at King Richard's is "Itzcountless" on the main floor on the first aisle. They're offering a collection of vintage items from the 1950s, 60s and 70s. It's run by dealers Darlene Persinger and Lourie Lundquist, and they've been a collecting duo for years.

"The trend is for items from the 70s to sell better," Darlene told me. Right now you'll find knick knacks, bowls, plates and even an ice chest that's in wood. Yes, in wood. There are also some examples of mid Century furniture and lamps. A "tiger cub lamp" is a new arrival. It's a lamp for a child's room. The lamp base looks like a baby tiger, and works fine. There are also vintage toys.

Shoppers are looking for figurines. "A lady was looking for a donkey figurine. They want things that bring back their childhood." They also sell art, baseball team pennants, vintage jewelry, cufflinks for men, broaches and vintage giftware.

The men's cufflinks include tennis rackets, trains, and semi precious metals. There are also cases and other home decor items.

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