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Sweet Treasures Home

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Sweet Treasures Home is Dealer 1538 on the lower floor of King Richard's. In terms of actual space it's one of the smallest dealers here but they have excellent items that can become a focal piece in your home. Sweet Treasures Home specializes in art glass, collectible glass and Asian and Chinese figurines. There are fine pieces of Fenton art glass; Fenton is a well-known American brand of art glass and carnival glass dating back to its start in Ohio in 1905 and these pieces are highly collectible.

Monique Johnson has operated Sweet Treasures Home for twenty years and at King Richard's are select pieces from her inventory. "There is a good market for art glass now," she told me. "2020 and 2021 were very active years" she said for art glass because collectors were at home and wanted to add to their collections. But the market is different now in 2022 and she says this might be a good time for collectors to add to their collections. The high price of gasoline has slowed down the market as buying trips have become more expensive. But because of the high price of gas, going to King Richard's to see a large selection of art glass in one location makes sense.

"For me," she says, "it costs more to track down the treasures." But for shoppers, coming to King Richard's means that can find a curated collection in one place with only one trip. "It's one stop shopping and that helps my customers. They can find a fine curated collection right here with one trip. They don't have to drive all over the place." She is careful to have affordable prices with her inventory at King Richard's. "My prices start at just $12. Some pieces are over a hundred," but collectors don't have to spend $60 on gas to assemble a collection like this. "I like a mid-price point here." She's very proud of her collection of Fenton glass because it's been around for over a hundred years and "it's getting hard to find." She makes finding Fenton at King Richard's easy.

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