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The Antique Clock Shop

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

The Antique Clock Shop-Dealer 1468 has new arrivals including a Coo-Coo Clock which was made in the 1980s and features dancers with music. "Right now I'm testing it and it works. We just repaired it," says dealer Harry Kochakian. Some old time traveling alarm clocks have come in. "We're always buying and repairing. I'd really like to service and repair clocks. People don't know where to take their clocks and we like to do this service and repair work. We can repair the wood case and the mechanical parts." They make house calls for grandfather clocks. It's cheaper of course when customers can bring in their clocks for repairs but he'll come to your home for large clocks like floor-mounted Grandfather Clocks.

You will also find clocks dating back to the 1800's. "I know a lot of people now whose parents bought these clocks before the 1970s and now they are over fifty, sixty years old and need service. They will last forever if serviced."

"What I am seeing now is that people want clocks restored because of the sentimental value the clocks. People don't realize that if they repair it that it could be worth a couple of hundred dollars. Many clocks in storage have pieces missing or aren't working but if the clocks are repaired they can regain value."

"All mechanical clocks need maintenance and service. When the oil dries up the clocks become damaged and seize up. Clocks need service every twenty years."

Music boxes are also serviced here. New in the store is a "penny drop gum machine." You put in a penny and a strip of gum comes out. It's spring run and when the penny is inserted the gum comes out. This one is from about 1902. "People like them and enjoy them."

Some collectors look for broken clocks and music boxes because the prices can be cheaper and then they have them restored to grow their investments. The value can increase dramatically after a repair.

Clocks are catching on again as collectibles. People are starting to appreciate mechanical devices, Harry said. Newer clocks made with electronics are sometimes just not repairable and they're not as interesting to collect.

Prices on collectible clocks have been steady. Grandfather clocks are a hard sell because they're too big for many homes today. But wall hanging clocks and table top clocks seem to have better investment potential. Clocks at least 40 years old make the better investment pieces.

Colorful clocks are becoming collectible now. These were mostly made in Germany in the 1960s. The colors in demand include those with yellows and green and flower decorations. "In the old days they were brown and dark brown, and those are the standard colors. The newer coo-coo clocks have more animation such as a water wheel or guys toasting each other with beer mugs and these are more pricey."

Humorous coo-coo clocks are also getting attention now such as the clock called the Farmer's Daughter, with a farmer chasing his daughter's suitor with a pick.

The recent movie The Crown which was on Netflix has inspired new clock collectors as there were many scenes featuring clocks. Clocks made with gold are also in demand and many of these were made in the 1800s.

Here's a tip for those of you with a non-working Grandfather Clock: check to be sure it's level. A clock not on a level surface will stop working. If you have a non-working "American Kitchen Clock" Harry suggests that you check to be sure that it's properly wound and that the "strike mechanism" is set. He likes to help his customers. "Service is not just fixing a clock, it's also helping the customer when they need help."

Harry accepts appointments and takes questions. Call him at 626-689-0648. It's his cell phone -- and he really does answer it.

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