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New Arrivals at American Crossroads

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Dealer 1519 is American Crossroads on the main floor and they have some new arrivals since we last checked in with them. Among the new items are cow skulls -- for those of you who enjoy a rustic look. Not into cow skulls or long horns or other relics of the wild west? Well, they have other vintage items and collectibles.

There is also a push bar cart with the original logos and names of Hendricks Gin. Hendricks is one of the premium brands and the bar cart looks like a tea cart. Some bar carts date back to the 1920s and they unique and very collectible. This particular bar cart is made of metal, it's colored green which makes it different and usually bar carts are made out of wood.

In the home, bar carts find a place in the home in kitchens as well as in the man cave as a bar holding liquor and cocktails. Bar carts are not easily found. What makes a good bar cart? A good surface area is the first thing you want, also you want a bar cart with good wheels that can move smoothly and easily. Condition matters when it comes to bar carts. Bar carts that carry a brand name also can command a premium value. American Crossroads has had several bar carts before but they say this is the best one they've had. It's the coolest, they say.

There is also a Jameson Whiskey Barrel Display that just arrived. It looks like three whiskey barrels stacked on their side and they have shelves in it. This is in a lighter wood and it's in excellent condition. This is another "mantique" that can be used as a display case for collectibles or for bar tools and glassware and mixer sets. Again because it comes with a brand name it becomes more collectible. There are several logos and designs showing the name Jameson.

If you really want something different there's a Jameson chalk board which probably came out of a restaurant with spaces to show the establishment's specials of the day. This is about three feet wide and about two feet tall. Use this in your kitchen to keep track of shopping lists, meal planning, and where the kids are -- including Dad's and Mom's schedules. It's actually greenboard and yes you use real chalk on it. It's for the family that isn't texting each other.

American Crossroads says shoppers and collectors are always looking for items in gold and silver and collectible belt buckles. Larger, western styled belt buckles made with stone designs are appealing.

Things are selling despite the rise in gasoline prices. "I think people are trying to distract themselves and they want to go shopping and buy something fun," says dealer Christina, "and we have fun stuff." And the prices have stayed the same, she says, unlike what's happened at the pumps.

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