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Moon Child Mod

Moon Child Mod -Dealer 1541 sells decor items from the 1970s - just like you'd expect from a store called Moon Child Mod. You'll find groovy items including butterfly decorations, mushroom decorations, daisy decorations and these can be wall hangings and dishes and paintings.

There's also clothing from the 1970s, of course, and some of the vintage clothing is from the 1960s through the 1990s. The clothing includes dresses with flowers, hand-knitted sweaters and vests, and 70s blouses, denim jackets, and classic vintage blue jeans and jean shorts are coming for the summer.

You'll also find colorful purses and some are in the 1970s style with candy dots. "They are colorful and bohemian style," says Lilliana Reynoso. She accumulated much of these vintage pieces from estate sales and their condition is very good. "Sometimes I find new old stock," she says. "That means it's an item that was never used."

There is also a lot of glassware including Italian glass bottles and vintage mugs with daisy and flower power designs straight out of the 1970s. There are also Italian genie bottle -- a large bottle with an hour-glass shape with a spiked top. "These are from the 1960s and 1970s," says Lilliana. "They come in rainbow colors -- you get them all."

There are also vintage typewriters. "These are very collectible." One typewriter was made in Germany and comes with a case for travel and it's in seafoam green. "The aesthetic of them makes them very collectible. They are great decor pieces. Some are functional but they are very pretty to look at."

And if you want real butterflies there is butterfly taxidermy and these butterflies are mounted in glass dome displays. One domed display dates back to the 1800s and was found in a Victorian mansion. "It's about 14-inches tall and it would look great on a side table or in a display cabinet. A lot of people collect these," says Lilliana.

There are also lamps from the 1970s and new inventory is arriving all the time. Some of the lamps date back to the 1950s. And if you want neon colors there is plenty of neon colored items here. The neon colored items were handpainted and they include piggy banks in the shapes of cats, owls, walrus, frogs and of course pigs. These are the old-style piggy banks with a stopper on the bottom and these were very popular in the 1970s. "And they are coming back," says Lilliana, "there are a lot of collectors who search for these online."

Lilliana says she wants people to feel nostalgic and to remember a simpler time of life. She hopes to rekindle joyous memories. So be groovy and enjoy the flower power here.

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