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Little Treasures

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Dealer 1550 has an eclectic collection of "little treasures" says Andrew. "I hope I can bring some uniqueness to your home." There are pieces from all around the world including China and Burma, and even a hodge podge of USA pieces.

From China there are statues that are made from metal including brass, also some wax candles. From Southeast Asia there is paper currency and tea cups. From Burma there are bronze door knockers and a ceremonial trophy in metal. Now what about that hodge podge of stuff from around the USA? You'll find handcarved lions and bears that are about six inches high and 15 inches long and are great for a table top or desk. Vintage clothing and blankets handwoven in Arizona and they feature a Southwestern motif.

The dealer is Andrew and collected much of this when he traveled around the world. "I made it a point to go to flea markets in foreign countries. I've been to flea markets in Spain and Germany." So this is not your usual antique or flea market merchandise because the pieces were handpicked by Andrew during his travels. "It's a hobby I love and hope to keep alive," he says.

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