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Here are some of the newest treasures on the roll of King Richard's....

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

DEALER 1374 CMAG Collectibles -- one of the largest exhibitors at King Richard's with multiple spaces and a wide ranging eclectic collection fitting the interests for both men (mantiques) and women -- is now featuring a collection of modern art including oils on canvas. There are seascapes and landscapes and some Asian art which include paintings on silk. There are also watercolors. Art lovers will recognize Louis Icart signed prints and Salvador Dali signed prints. Most of the art comes from estate auctions. Most of the Icarts and Dalis are catalogued images and they are signed and numbered. Multiple images are available. CMAG also shops for treasures from celebrity estates and right now has in stock items from the Penny Marshall Estate and they include pieces from her typewriter collection, signs from a beer collection, and there are also artistic carved ostrich eggs. Now, about those mantiques. Start shopping for Father's Day. CMAG is also featuring historical letters including one from President-elect John Kennedy on Senate letterhead, a Gerald Ford autograph, a signed government document bearing the signatures of President Ronald Reagan, House Speaker Tip O'Neill and Senate President Pro Tempore Strom Thurmond. CMAG also has a Jimmy Doolittle letter when the former General worked for Mutual of Omaha. There is also a category of militaria at CMAG where you'll find a sabre designed by George Patton -- before he was a General. As a Second Lieutenant he designed the last U. S. Calvary Sabre and this is one of the 23,000 made. It's a pretty rare item as few remain today. There are also pen and ink drawings from sailors aboard the Battleship New Jersey during the Second World War and these drawings are also featured in a published book which establishes their provenance and authenticity.

CMAG has eight different spaces inside King Richard's and soon will be expanding into two more spaces that will be a fine art gallery. Watch for new arrivals from Don Rickles' estate.


PRISTINE COLLECTION is now featuring some antique furniture including a Victorian Secretary in Mahogany and it has two parts. The drop down has a leather inset and there are two glass doors with shelves on top. Another furniture item is a three piece ice cream table set which is a wood table with two chairs with an ebony finish. The ice cream set which is a wood table with two chairs with an ebony finish. The ice cream set may be from the 1990s and is meant for outdoor use.

There are various Chinese Fish Bowls that are used frequently as planters. One of the planters comes with a wood base and it's about two feet high and it is painted with a courtyard scene. A second Chinese Fish Bowl does not come with a base but it has a handpainted floral design and its about 18-inches tall with a 12-inches diameter.

There is a TV stand with cane on the sides and walnut wood. Pristine Collection also has some oils on canvas including a landscape scene with some 3-D features from natural grains from the landscape applied to the canvas. There is another oil on canvas which is a tropical beach scene. There are also Murano Glass Dishes in yellow and green, black and purple, red and yellow. The dishes are circular and oval. Pristine Collection is on the bottom floor by the gray wall.

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