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Ginger Pauley Vintage

DEALER 1457 is on the first floor and it's one of the more unusual sellers with items from Victorian through the 1980s. Dealer 1457 is actually Ginger Pauley and you see her on Amazon Prime under the banner Vintage America with Ginger. Her band is Ginger And The Hoosier Daddys and it covers rag time, Dixieland, early Jazz up to the 1950s music. And what's for sale? There are books on old cars, vintage golf clubs, vintage clothes and collectible glassware and pyrex, old cookbooks and vintage housewares. Ginger also finds rare homemade items. There are Hollywood memorabilia and collectible figurines from the 1970s. There is also a smattering of clothing and artwork. You'll also find post war collectibles made in Occupied Japan. Ginger says she has real values and to check out her merchandise and compare her prices to eBay prices. Ginger has rapid turnover with lots of seasonal specials. Dealer 1457 is near the window past the mailboxes. Look for her ton of glassware in the window.

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