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Get Funky and Colorful with the Shelbi Shop

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Dealer 1529-Shelbi Shop is on the main store and sells collectibles from a range of periods that fit a funky, colorful and unique Shelbi style.

Shelbi is inspired by color and shape and it's not the usual collection that you'll find at King Richard's. Her store is like a giant coloring book filled with permanent party decor, clothing, home accessories and gifts.

When you need a unique gift or item for your home you shop here.

Items include party decorations, home decor, seasonal and holiday decorations and knick knacks.

When you shop here think funky. "I love funky," says Shelbi.

You'll find vintage gift items including Christmas ornaments, trinket boxes, and interesting second-hand items.

The value of these collectibles is the uniqueness of the items.

Shelbi takes pride in hunting through estate sales for treasures with a story. There's clothes, home decor, kitchenware and barware in "funky bright colors" she says. Shelbi also favors shapes so you'll find heart chairs.

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