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Cottage In The Alley Antiques Brea

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Dealer 1527 - The Alley Antiques Brea on the lower level of King Richard's where you'll find antique furniture that's mostly from the late 1800s to the mid 20th century and you'll find woods in mahogany, walnut and bird's eye maple that is very collectible.

The furniture pieces include dressers, library tables, buffets, desks and secretaries. There are some gilded pieces from France and Italy.

There's also lighting including vintage chandeliers and sconces.

There's also a collection of cottage and farm house style furniture. There are cabinets, farm house cupboards, old windows and old doors, cottage style paintings, antique wicker, and Waterford crystal and glassware.

Ernest Dominguez has been collecting farm house and French and cottage collectibles for more than four decades.

Ernest actually has two collections at King Richard's-- the farm house collection is one, and the antiques section is another. He also has a big collection of vintage candlesticks and vintage baskets and these are stylish and in demand.

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