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Conversational Pieces

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Dealer 1513 is run by collector Kelly Wegman is a specialist in conversational pieces for the kitchen and family room. Some of the collectible items for the kitchen include cannisters and pyrex and, salt and pepper shakers. The salt and pepper shakers include Disney's Donald Ducks and there is a set of shakers in pigs, and tourist pieces from New Mexico in the shapes of cactus. There are also mid-century "modern" salt and pepper shakers in cube designs.

There are vases shaped as women. These vases have the look of women dressed up, with makeup and jewelry and the plants would go into the top of the head. There are lots of vintage bottles from the 1920s and 1930s which used to hold medicine. These bottles have unique shapes and rare colors -- nothing like the plastic containers your pills come in today. If you are into unusual vases there are also vases shaped as lambs and these were used for flowers delivered when a baby was born or as a hospital gift.

The retro kitchen cannister sets have various designs and colors. Some sets are in red, some in pink, some are decorated and some come in unusual shapes. Decorations include flowers and kitchen utensils.

There are pyrex coffee mugs and glass pitchers with floral patterns, and bowls with colors and designs. There are also recipe boxes with designs. There are also decorative coffee cup sets.

There are "chain animals" with colored fur. They come in purple and green and may be from a zoo gift shop. The animals include dogs, pigs, cats.

There are also old Golden Books and old Disney books and children's books. There is a large collection of these vintage books.

You'll also find vintage linens including vintage wash cloths and vintage towels and vintage table cloths. If you are into afghans you'll find them along with vintage hankies with flower patterns. Other vintage fabrics are also available that were never used.

There are also animal figurines and milk glass bowls. Glass. figurines include dogs, skunks, bunnies, and pretty ladies in dresses.

About half of this comes from her personal collection and Kelly buys a lot of collectibles from estate sales. She looks for unusual items including items that are more prominently owned in other parts of the country. She is proud to undercut eBay prices by ten to fifteen percent. "I pass the deals on" she said. "I definitely beat eBay."

Kelly also keeps an eye out for collectors who have a want list.

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