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Authentic Stained Glass Windows

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Dealer 1526 - Changes Antiques and Collectibles is at King Richard's on the lower front floor. You'll find home decor items here including stained glass windows in various sizes. In some cases there are newer as well as older authentic stained glass windows. Dealer Robert Guerrero assembles the stained glass windows himself. He designs them and constructs them. There are also original, vintage stained glass windows available in classic designs.

Robert says he deals with original stained glass and not overlays. In case you don't know the difference, overlays are painted colors on glass. The original stained glass windows that Robert designs and builds use actual colored glass -- not painted. The authentic stained glass windows are created with lead and solder holding the original stained glass pieces. Overlays are simply painted glass in a window frame without the arrangement held by lead and solder.

There are also Southwest items including Native American collectibles. You'll find Native American bags and carrying cases made from deerskin and different animal skins. There are bow and arrow sets for decoration.

You will also find art glass vases and there is a variety of colors. Some pieces are from the 1960s and some are more current. There are also pottery pieces including clay vases and these are mostly in green matte finishes. There are also Moroccan vases which are made from clay with decorative metal work. These Moroccan vases were made to carry oil or water and these can be 40 years old, and they come in a variety of colors including yellow and green and some have multi color finishes. Some of these original Moroccan vases still have their lids. The metal work on the Moroccan vases is all handcrafted and the metal work covers the vases in different designs.

Robert has been collecting these pieces for more than 30 years and he is selling choice pieces from his personal collection. Many of these pieces are highly collectible and some do appreciate in value.

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