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"Pretty Things" at King Richard's Antiques

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

DEALER 1253 is on the main floor and specializes in "pretty things" says Kathy Leffingwell including plates, linens, figurines and clothing and 1950s jewelry and vintage hats.

You'll find Bavarian plates with florals and some with gold edging. These were generally decorative pieces and rarely used for dining.

Linens are usually from the 1950s when crocheting and embroidery were popular. Table cloths from the 1950s have Mexicana patterns and fruit motifs.

Figurines include Lefton and animal pieces. Hummel collectors should check out this dealer but Hummel figures go quickly.

Women's hats from the 1950s are popular if their condition is good. The look of the old Perry Mason TV shows is in demand. Look for pins and necklaces.

There are vintage books for children and adults that appeals to collectors for their pictures.

There is a mantique section with old tools, toy cars, Tonka drugs, cigarette boxes, hood ornaments and barware is sometimes available.

Come by and talk to Kathy Leffingwell about your interests.

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