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Nautical Decor

Dealer 1537 - Applerose has a lot of nautical decor including coral, shells, driftwood when it's available, oars, and model sailboats. The model sailboats are ideal for displays on shelves. You'll also find signal flags and artwork of nautical scenes.

There are drawings on coral. "Anytime I see a picture with ships and boats and coral I buy it." says Barbara Applerose who is the dealer at Applerose.

Barbara also has furniture including desks and nightstands. She frequently refinishes the furniture. She has home accessories including books, pottery, and art pieces.

"I have so many paintings. I have a picture of these five boats from Portugal from the 1800s," she says. She also has photographs printed on canvas that shows a dock in Sweden. "It's a large piece, about four feet by four feet."

She also features assemblage art. This is where you create three dimensional items.

There are items made with ironstone, bread boards, baskets from Europe, lamps, and portaits. Barbara collects from estate sales and enjoys refurbishing furniture.

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