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More Dealers at King Richard's Antique Center

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

DEALER 1140 C&T TREASURES has two locations inside King Richard's. Downstairs is their furniture collection including a 1960s home record player and stereo console with AM/FM radio and turntable. It works but you'll need some new needles and they are available. The console is a dark wood grain. There is also an early 1920s Secretary with a cabinet in a lighter wood tone in a nice finish with glass and original hardware. There are also glass shelves in the cabinet and a mirrored back.

C&T Treasures in its upstairs location has glassware, dishes, china, toys including robots and Shirley Temple dolls and vintage toys. There are also clocks and knick nacks.

There is also a collection of scales. There is a floor scale from the 1950s with weights and a another scale that may have been used in a grocery or retail store in the early 1900s. There is also decorative wall art from the early 1960s with gold-tone finish.

If you're looking to add some heritage to your kitchen there is a vintage pie rack that's about seven feet tall and may have been used in a bakery and is made from wrought iron and is painted white with brass fittings and trim.

Downstairs is also a mid-century adjustable floor lamp and is gold colored, another floor lamp has three lights and its beige which really takes you back to the 1960s. There is also some mid-century furniture.

And if you want to go back to the early 1900s there is a wash-stand dresser with a mirror and a ceramic bowl for washing. There is a storage cabinet that could have been used to store a chamber pot. It's stained red. There is also an industrial style coffee table made from a spool used for cable. The wood spool has been stained and you can use it as-is as a coffee table without a glass top -- or add a glass top and use it as a base.

And for Budweiser collectors there is an animated store display featuring the Budweiser frogs. This is an ideal mantique for the mancave. It's a large piece with a base and pole and would be the centerpiece for any mancave near the pool table or bar. There are plenty of Budweiser collectors so send them to C&T Treasures to check this survivor.

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