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Keeper of the Past

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Dealer 1558 is Carol Chaplain who has two locations at King Richard's. There is a booth on the upper level, and on the main floor between aisles 2 and 3 there is a wall display.

The wall display offers vintage art which includes antique-looking to vintage pop prints and sculptures as well as lithographs.

In the main booth there is a wide variety ranging from the 1900s through the 1970s. You'll find bakelite jewelry, depression glassware, vintage scarves, and furniture including a desk and a small dresser. There is a hand mosaic outdoor table also. For crafters there is original "scrap" from Germany. Crafters will know what this is, but for the rest of us it's old wood pieces, and embossed papers that were used in advertising. This is what was originally called the "scrap" that went into "scrap books."

The main booth also carries glassware including the original Pyrex. Many of these pieces were originally collected for Carol's own private collection and was also in her partner Heidi's personal collection. "We started a booth because our collections became too large," Carol told me. So these are all carefully curated pieces. Tooled leather purses and depression ware is also in the collections "because these came from our own closets. People told us to start a store because of all the pieces we collected." They said they enjoy seeing their pieces going to a new home. "We are keepers of the past. This is not junk. This is history," Carol told me. So shoppers here are buying quality items that previous collectors picked. "They are pre-loved items that go back a hundred years."

"What lovely items these are -- that have survived all this time," Carol told me. "Someone's great great grandmother had these pieces and now they are here and they've lasted since the 1930s or even before."

This is not for "old ladies," Carol told me. "Young people come by and I tell them this has a story. A square dish might be a wedding anniversary dish because it was made to hold a square slice from a wedding cake. And that gives it meaning."

"A lot of people don't know what things are and Heidi and I sometimes write a little note for each item showing its history."

The store now features some original greeting cards from the 1960s from an estate sale. These are framed for display. What were once greeting cards are now pieces of art. "We buy things because we love it, not just because it's trending. We don't buy things just because we think they'll make a sale."

There are new arrivals weekly. One of the latest is a giant Queen Elizabeth portrait because it is her jubilee year. "We are always bringing in new stuff to liven it up."

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