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Kara Casa Vintage Colors and Patterns

With Dealer 1539 - Kara Casa Vintage you'll find 1960s through 1990s clothing and home decor. "I love colors and patterns" says Kara. "I look for vintage items that mix with trends now. I love designs." Kara is in fact a degreed designer. "I love vintage that's super on trend right now."

Right now there's a table lamp with an ivory lamp shade and there's walnut. "It's post modern and a giant statement piece."

There is clothing with fun patterns and colors. Spring and summer dresses and light fabrics will be arriving soon for the change in the weather, but right now there are lots of sweaters. It's mostly women's clothing but there are some men's pieces. "I love plaid shirts and this can be for men and women." There is also some kids' clothing.

Kara studied Industrial Design at Cal State Long Beach so she has studied furniture design. Some furniture items include a rolling cart, an art deco display cabinet, and a brass towel stand for the bath. Kara sources her pieces from estate sales and from other collectors. She also finds unique pieces at homes that are being remodeled and refurbished. "People don't think about their hardware from a demo, and then I get really cool stuff that would have been thrown away," she says.

There is also an old Hoffman radio which is a tube radio in a wood case. It's AM radio only, of course, and it is in working condition. The wood cabinet is in a dark wood and it's in good condition for its age. It comes with its skeleton key that locks the cabinet.

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