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Fox Fairweather Vintage

Dealer 1501 - Fox Fairweather Vintage is located upstairs at King Richard's. Dealer Erica Liscano has been selling there for more than two years. Here you'll find clothing and accessories with a major emphasis on vintage items from the 1950s through the 1970s. There are items from the 1920s as well.

Clothing includes "everything cool" with evening wear, evening gowns, lingerie, pants. "I don't stick to one particular item." There is a wide range of price points. "There's something in everyone's price range."

There's a beautiful selection of eclectic clothing. If you want a showstopper this is the place to go.

There is some "cool art" that's mid-century "and kind of quirky." There's a mid-century matador painting, and typical pieces that came from her personal collection. She has been collecting for years and some of her personal favorite items are now at King Richard's.

Accessories include shoes and jewelry, again with many mid-century styles with attractive price points.

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