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Fight Inflation and Supply Chain Issues at King Richard's

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Gasoline pump prices are now topping $5 a gallon, oil prices are above $90 a barrel for the first time in years, supermarket prices are climbing and King Richard's Antique Center might be able to help you fight this inflation. In the late 1970s there was a huge surge in demand for collectibles that was powered by double-digit inflation. Oriental rugs, limited edition prints, coins and stamps and antique furniture all rose in price with the inflationary trend of the 1970s. It could happen again. A new round of demand for antiques and collectibles may have already started as prices have recently soared for high-end watches and sports cards. It's now almost impossible to find certain Rolex watches and the new rush for sports cards has been reported on TV news shows. Profits from cryptocurrency transactions are also helping the demand for collectibles. There's one thing collectors and investors know -- antiques and collectibles tend to increase in value during periods of high inflation. In many ways antiques and collectibles perform like the price of gold -- even when antiques and collectibles don't contain any gold -- during inflationary times. Collectibles and antiques and other hard assets can be a hedge against inflation, just as land and gold and gemstones. Savvy consumers will check King Richard's for these hedges. They include art, rare sports cards, handmade rugs, memorabilia and bonafide antiques. But do your research as not all "old stuff" is collectible or provides an inflationary hedge. Look for jewelry that includes gold and silver and precious gemstones. Clocks and watches can contain gold, silver and diamonds. Sports memorabilia can also be autographed. Checking a website such as eBay can help you identify collectibles and their values, but you may find even better values at King Richard's because you won't face eBay shipping fees. And many of the dealers at King Richard's take pride in undercutting eBay prices. But if you're buying art, collectibles and antiques to protect you from inflation remember that selling these hard assets for a fast profit might be difficult. That's why there's the golden rule of this business. That golden rule is "buy it because you like it" because you might be holding it for a long time. Many of the dealers at King Richard's have collected and invested in their assets for years and can talk to you about values and how values change with condition, rarity, supply and demand. King Richard's offers convenient hours, free parking and food is nearby. So King Richard's is a convenient place to spend a day to increase your knowledge about fighting inflation with hard assets.

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