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Eclectic Collection-Porcelain, prints and more.

Dealer 1517 is Sandra Sage and she has two locations at King Richard's. One is on the top floor and features vintage porcelain and china and figurines and shoes. The second location is on the lower level and soon it will feature signed original prints by Salvador Dali. The second location will feature some original Andy Warhol prints, but these are not the usual commercials prints that you might expect to see in an art gallery. These particular Andy Warhol prints have a unique story.

First of all, you should know that many artists create collections or "suites" of their prints. Sometimes these suites are sold in one lot -- and sometimes the suites are broken up and sold individually. Sandra is selling her Warhol prints individually, but that's only part of the story. The Andy Warhol prints that Sandra is selling include pieces from three suites or collections: The Myths Suite, The Endangered Species Suite and the Cowboys and Indians Suite. Each suite has ten pieces in the collection and you will find all ten pieces of each suite just in case you want the entire collection. The other part of the story is that these particular prints are identified as "unsigned artist's proofs" and they were published outside the regular edition that was signed and numbered. These particular pieces which are called unsigned artist's proofs are authentic and they came from from Warhol's original publisher. You will see the authentication stamps from the publisher on the prints.

The Salvador Dali prints are traditional prints. They are all signed, original prints and they are numbered and they are authenticated because these pieces appear in a well known reference book about Dali's art. There are five of these original signed and numbered Dali pieces available now and they will be framed. There are other art pieces as well including prints, folk art, and pieces by Picasso. At the top floor location is a lot of glass and crystal and more art is coming to the upstairs location.

Sandra says her collection is eclectic, with no particular theme so there is something for everybody. She is also a collector of lamps and there's "glass galore," she says. There are also some furniture items including some dressers from the 1920s and there are some art deco pieces as well. There are also chairs and tables and other fine furnishings. If you catch Sandra in one of her two locations ask her for a discount -- because she doesn't say no.

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