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Eclectic Clothing & Knick-Knacks

Sister Kokoro is Dealer 1542 on the lowest floor at King Richards. It offers a mix of eclectic clothing and knick-knacks. "We like the colorful clothing from the 60s and 70s" says Rebecca Recinos. The clothing represents both glam and hippie styles and there are funky patterns and prints. There are also some 80s styles. You will find dresses, jump suits, blouses and two-piece sets, bellbottoms and bellbottom tops. There are spring dresses with floral patterns arriving now. The price range is affordable and certainly beats current prices on new fashions in the malls. These vintage clothing appeals to stylish young women. "A lot of the youth are into vintage and recycling and this fits what they want."

There are some home decor items including art deco and vases and ashtrays from the 1980s. There are clothing accessories including designer belts and boots. There is also a selection of western clothing and western boots.

For the summer, bathing suits and sandals and more colorful pieces will be arriving. "We also have mini dresses coming in."

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