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50's Modge Podge

Dealer 1554 has a "modge podge" of 50s through the 70s stuff says Jennifer Asaro, "I've got some stuff from the 40s too." Jennifer says her great grandmother used to have a store called Granny's Treasures and now these treasures are at King Richard's.

"Granny never specialized in anything except everything," Jennifer said. "I can unpack boxes that are filled with comic books and toys and jewelry and there isn't anything I haven't found yet. It's been a great education." She worked in the original store when she was a child and started learning at a very young age. She is trying to get a handle on the comic books because they include old Superman comics, Archie comics, The Flash comics and original DC comics. She is loaded with boxes of records including 45s and LPs and many have the sleeves and the covers. "If I don't have them in fairly good condition with the covers and sleeves I won't put them up for sale at King Richard's. I believe in quality." She is working her way through priciing many of the comic books. Some are in good condition, and others show wear. These comic books have been sitting in storage boxes for thirty years, in some cases. As she sorts through them she puts them in plastic sleeves.

Jennifer knows the market and wants to price things accurately. "You can't believe eBay values anymore." There are also TV mugs, decanters, barware, and a lot of beer signs. There are also some mid-century clocks with mushrooms that were trendy in the 1960s.

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