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The King Richard's Antique Center was started over 30 years ago (1979) by Richard Bowlin and Jim Slevcove.  Before it became the antique center, the site was used for citrus packing. The building was built in 1903 and is a historical building on the Local Register of Historic Resources (Citrus Assoc. Packing House).

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Hours: Sunday-Friday 10:00am - 6:00pm, Saturday 10:00am - 7:00pm 
​Tel: 562-698-5974  -  12301 Whittier Blvd, Whittier, Ca 90602


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A bit  of History

Prior to their big venture, Martha spent many years in law enforcement and retired. Chuck spent many years working for Boeing/Rockwell on the Space Shuttle program until the program was retired.  Martha started in the business because of her daughter, Sara. 

Sara, their youngest daughter, started collecting at the age of 9. Both daughters (Rachel is the older daughter) enjoy picking and have booths at the mall. 

The following is Sara’s story. The first time I saw the movie Star Wars in the theaters was the beginning. It was more than just a sci-fi series of movies for me. It had a deeper meaning and I started my collection by buying just one action figure from a store. Then the true obsession began and I needed to expand my collection. I would search eBay’s vintage listings for action figures, die cast models, and rare limited edition toys that were sold in exclusive packaging. While on this mission of collecting, I bought large collections and started to get multiples of the same items. I sold the ones I did not need on eBay and starting making money. Soon my mom started telling her friends about me being nine years old and knowing how to list items online. That was when her friends began to ask me to list things for them. One of her friends, Olivia, asked me to list some of her collectible antiques and when I asked where she got them from, she mentioned she found them by going 'antique picking' for her booth at King Richard's. I liked that idea and asked her if I could share a booth with her and split the rent so I could continue selling my vintage star wars items in a store and online. I began to get more of the antique picking itch and startedhunting for other items beyond my collection. This antique picking itch was not just a fad but turned into a contagious fever as the love, appreciation, and inspiration to find and flip antiques. This later spread to other family members (mom/dad) causing them to buy the (King Richards) business which allowed others (dealers) to continue indulging in their own personal antique selling fever.

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Captures The Citrus Station History (behind our building) 

Preserving  our Story

Chuck and Martha have owned

King Richard’s since 2008 

South of Penn Street. The Citrus Station highlights Whittier’s early agricultural history of citrus growing and shipping.  As can be seen in the Station display, Whittier’s own citrus packing crate labels are incorporated into this site.  This Station also includes the importance of the railroad to service that industry and keep the small agricultural town’s economy thriving and growing.  This Station is located at Whittier’s original small, industrialized area, which also included meat packing plants – and a Catalina Swimwear factory, a company that, although it has left Whittier, has been in business for more than 100 years - on Penn Street at Pickering Avenue. 


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Citrus Station also includes the history of the former Sunkist packing house, which is now King Richard’s Antique Mall – An historical building still serving the historical business of selling antiques.  The Mall lies adjacent to the Greenway Trail at this location.  Citrus Station is funded in part by the Central Basin Water District and the Metropolitan Water District.
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